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Thread: wife passed away

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    wife passed away

    My wife kim lost her battle with gbm4 at 1pm on january 2nd 2007, and passed away at home peacefully after having endured 3 seperate debulkings, massive amounts of chemo, and radiation.
    She chose her time to go, and after new yrs eve celebrations I put her to bed and she informed me she had had enough. she never woke up, and lapsed into semi coma over the monday, then full coma on the tuesday, and finally stopped breathing at 1pm.
    I, her mother and father, and her daughter were blessed to have been present for her passing.
    All through her battle she kept her chin high, a smile on her face and her sense of humour intact regardless of the odds. She was in inspiration to all who knew her.

    This is for Kim, my friend, my lover and my hero...... 14/1/1967 - 2/1/2007



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    I am so so sorry for your loss, I cannot imagine how you must be feeling right now. My mother is suffering from a GBM and I am finding it so hard to cope with the stress.

    You must have all been terribly brave and I send to you my heartfelt condolences. We are all thinking of you at this sad time. Love from Jenny. xxxx

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    Chain ... what a beautiful tribute ... I am bawling my eyes out ... for her, for my late husband, for you ... and for me!

    I know ... how well I know, there are no words to comfort. Our spirits have mingled for a brief moment ... for I am touched beyond belief at your sorrow ... I am so very very sorry Chain.

    May God bless you and bring you and your precious children peace and comfort at this time of such great loss ... May His angels have charge over you and yours and minister to you at this time ...

    Your friend ...

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    Dear Chain,

    I'm sending you all my love and sincere condolences - I am so saddened to hear about Kim.

    All of us who already lost a beloved one due to this horrific disease, are with you in this hard moment! I am, that's for sure!

    God bless you and your children, and may Kim have peace now.

    Please, don't leave the Forum, it would be good to hear about you and strengthen you further on.


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    Hi Chain

    I'm so sorry to here that your wife lost her battle against this terrible cancer. No words can make you feel better but there is I know alot of people that care and feel for you and your family.


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    You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers. We know that you are going through an especially hard time having a daughter and having to stay strong for them and helping them to understand this awful disease that we don't even understand. I know there are no words that we can give you that make it easier, no cures for the grief you are currently feeling. I will be thinking of you and asking God to give comfort to you and your family at this time.

    My sincerest condolences and sympathies,

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    chain i feel for you.
    been there.
    take solice your not alone, there are many of us who lost to this thing.
    we'll see them again. i promise.
    lost then found, then lost again.............

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    I am so very sorry to hear about Kim. There are no words for a time like this, but know that we are all your friends here and know what you are going through. Your wife sounded like a brave, strong and gorgeous soul and I'm sure she will be with you and your daughter always.

    Please take good care of yourself, be gentle and talk to us if you need.

    Sending love & light you way.


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