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Thread: Beljanski ?

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    Beljanski ?

    Hi everyone,

    A dear friend has just been diagnosed stage 4 pancan (are we more and more or what? ). She has a first cousin who was diagnosed 2 years ago and is still hanging tough. I don't know her details, but aparently she's been spplementing her chemo with "natural" products based on Dr Beljanski's work - she mentioned Rovol but I think there was something else. My friend has already started on this stuff...

    Do any of you know anything about this stuff? I tend to be a bit sceptical, and hate it when people take advantage of others' desperation (I have an autistic daughter and cringe at the number of "treatments" marketed to "heal" my daughtet).

    So, any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
    Fall 2013: cyst found on tail of pancreas
    Dec 2013: puncture biopsy - diagnosis mucinous cystadenoma
    Jan 2014: distal pancreatectomy by laparoscopy - spleen preserved
    Feb 2014: path report: 3mm adenocarcenoma inside 9cm cyst, T1N0MXR0
    Apr 2014: Started Gemzar (6 month protocol)
    Sept 2014: Final chemo. Scan NED, markers ca19-9=8.1, cea=0.7
    Jan 2015 -Jun 2016: NED
    Jan 2017: 14cm cyst on ovary, ca 19-9=138, cea=0.6, ca 125=48
    Feb 2017: Hysterectomy, ovariectomie, omentectomy - mucinous adenocarcinoma cyst with spread to omentum. Ovaries, uterus, tubes clean
    Mar 2017: start gemzar/xeloda protocol, ca19-9 =370, cea and ca125 normal
    June 2017: scan shows 2 spots on liver and maybe 2 (millimetric) on lung. ca19-9=197
    Sept 2017: ca19-9=14 , spots on liver stable or decreased, but spots on lung are a bit bigger.
    Dec 2017: ca19-9=15, millimetric growth of 2 lung mets, possible millimetric spots on liver. GEMOX starting Jan 2018

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    Sorry about your friend. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about Beljanski. I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

    Beljanski was born in 1923 in Yugoslavia. He came to France to study, and lived there for the rest of his life.[2] He was married to Monique.[3] He received a PhD in 1948 from the University of Paris.[2] In 1948, he entered the CNRS and worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris as a researcher in molecular biology.[4] He made several discoveries while studying RNA and DNA.

    Beljanski was made to leave the Pasteur Institute in 1978, after pursuing research against the advice of the institute, but still continued to publish scientific papers.[2] He was at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Châtenay-Malabry until his retirement in 1988.[2]

    In his lifetime, Beljanski published a total of 133 scientific papers,[5] mostly written in French.[6]

    Beljanski believed he had found antivirals effective against cancer and AIDS.[4] A product made from extracts of the Brazilian paopereira tree[2] and called PB100 was claimed to be superior to AZT, which Beljanksi called "real poison".[3] Customers included François Mitterrand (via a homeopath called Philippe de Kuyper).[2][3] There was never any evidence that any of the products Beljanski promoted were effective medicine;[1] the French Department of Health accused him of illegally practising medicine in 1991, and he was sentenced in March 1994.[4]

    Beljanski died from cancer in Paris on 27 October 1998.[1]
    7/12 DX stage 3 pan can (adenocarcinoma) @ 65 - borderline resectable
    8/12 - 10/12 Chemo (GTX) & Stereotactic Radiation
    12/12 Whipple - R0 margins, 2/29 nodes pos.
    1/13 - 5/16 Vaccine clinical trial - randomized to control group - vaccine showed no benefit
    2/13 - 8/13 Gemzar for 6 months
    Quarterly scans - no evidence of disease to 10/14 - spot on lung being watched - possible infection 2 months on antibiotics
    3/15 - spot larger - probable met - surgery planned
    4/15 - PET prior to surg - recurrence & lung mets - Surgery cancelled - EUS w/ FNA showed adenocarcinoma - Stage 4
    5/15 - 9/15 Folfirinox @ reduced dosage - Stopped treatment after 11 infusions due to neuropathy
    10/15 - 8/16 maintenance 5-fu every other week
    8/16 - stable disease on both CT and PET/CT - chemo holiday while other treatments explored
    9/16 - lung biopsy confirms pan can met,
    10/16 -NanoKnife to pancreatic bed -PET after Nano showed new met in hilar lymph nodes - SBRT to both lung & lymph
    4/17 - PET/CT showed significant disease progression, multiple lung mets, pancreatic bed tumor has grown
    5/17 - Started hospice care - striving for acceptance

    Stay busy and live life to the best of your ability.

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    Beljanski died from cancer in Paris on 27 October 1998.[1]

    I think that's all you really need to know about that.
    March 1st 2014-Mother (52) dx stage 4 PC spread to lungs
    March 20th -Starts Chemo G+A
    April -Tumor markers down 60% so far
    May - 7th round of chemo. Approved for Med Marijuana!
    June 5th - Good PET scan.
    June 19th-10th round CA-19 down to 236 from 1700 when first dx
    Sep- Good CT scan
    Oct- CA-19 levels to 35
    Nov- Latest CT scans show 1.1 cent. tumor. Was 1 inch when first dx
    Dec- Good PET scan but back on G+A with Xeloda
    Feb 2015- CT scan shows increased # of nodules in lungs
    May- CA-19 rose to 208. Now on Gem+Tarceva
    May 15th- CA-19 dropped to 170
    July- CA-19 rose to 500.
    Aug- Starting Folf. on Aug 12th
    Nov- 9th round. CA dropped to 173. Good CT scan
    Dec- Chemo break
    Jan 2016- CA dropped to 77. PET scan only thing lit up is nodules in lungs
    March- CA going back up so back on chemo
    August 16'- Scan results. Everything stable except more lung nodules. CA still slowly climbing.
    July 13, 2017- Mom passes away in the loving company of her family. RIP mom

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    Note: I haven't checked into Beljanski, his claims, or anything else about him.

    I am less and less likely to dismiss alternative treatments out of hand. Claims of outright cures - no way. I also check to see if the treatment site is a shell for a profitable back-end business exclusively selling the supplements.

    However, to say that there is no shred of truth in treatments that many people have found helpful seems to go too far the other way. I'd say that the most useful of the alternative claims needs to be vetted scientifically by someone using academic rigor and an open mind.

    Here is a site with reports from scientists doing just that for ALS, for which there is no known cure:

    The questions they explore in their treatment reviews:
    • What is the treatment?
    • Why might the treatment work?
    • What animal trials have been done?
    • What are the human efficacy, safety, and cost factors?
    • What type of human trial would test the treatment?
    BRCA2 3398del5
    Dec 2010 - back/abd pain
    May 2011 - Unresectable stage III, 2.5cm tumor
    Jun-Aug 2011 - Gem/Cis, 9 rounds
    Oct-Nov 2011 - IMRT+Xeloda
    Oct 2011-Sep 2012 - shrinking tumor
    Feb 2012 - National Familial Pancreatic Study
    Aug 2012 - Downgraded to stage IIA, PGP
    Sep 2012 - Whipple, T3N0M0, 0.5cm tumor, 0/16 lymph nodes
    Dec 2012 - Quebec PanCan Study
    Sep 2012-May 2019 - NED
    Mar 2013-present - NCT01088789
    Jun 2019- NCT03805919

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    I was at an integrative medicine conference and there was a presentation by a scientific person at about Beljanski research on DNA. It was really interesting and pretty easy to understand--at least when he was explaining the mechanism of action of these two plant extracts. I also went to their website, which has a lot of research findings, which was harder to understand but worth a look: Beljanski.org.


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