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Thread: too Low Hemoglobin in stage 4 pancreatic cancer please help!

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    Sending you lots of {{{{Hugs}}}} and Prayers......

    Oct 9,2012 Hubby's ( 65 ) ERCP, Stent put in also told might be cancer
    Oct 23,2012 ( ERCP ) diagnosed. PC on head of pancreas.
    Nov. 5,2012 Whipple at Loma Linda Hosp.... could not be finished due to heart issues
    ( 4 1/2 hours into surgery )told it's also attached to Portal Vein, now only Chemo & Radiation

    1-30-13 Hubby started on his radiation and Pill Chemo ( Xeloda 3200 mg per day ) for six weeks
    3-12-13 ( Bowel blockage) in Hospital Fluid being drained
    4-18-13 New Stent put in metal with mesh
    4-19-13 2nd round of ( Xeloda ) 2 weeks on 1 week off till ? 4000 mg per day for 6 months ( changed to 3000 )
    6-12-13 Large Hernia at surgery site/won't be repaired due to his heart condition also losing toenails ( Xeloda )
    8-9-13 Taken off all Chemo just Living Life now and Keeping him Pain Free "In God's Hands"
    3-12-15 Cancer is Back..Now in Hospice 4-10-15
    Passed on to Heaven 4-30-2015 Till you Hold me again...XOXO

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    My Dad passed away on Saturday on the ER due to a renal blokage and from his week heart.His situation wasn't to good from Thursady night when si was all sweet,he was agitated,and he has pain in his ribds and on Saturday his belly was getting bigger due to his renal blokage,we took him to ER they made some pills for pain but his week body couldn't handelle that.
    I am such in pain and greif right now!It is very hard,I wasn'T expected this to happend right now..Today Iwa thinking if it was the right choice to take him to hospital,maybe they doesn't take care enough of him?Or maybe they make him a shoot that killhim faster?(because after a shout that was ment to hicht his presure he died,It was too much,his heart went faster and faster and he got out of breath)
    I hope that he rest in peace now!!
    He went away after 4 mounth after his diagnosis and 11 shots of Chemo.
    He will be forever in my heard!
    Thank you so much for your replies!
    God Bless!

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    So very sorry for your loss, micaela.
    Diagnosed stage 1 pancreatic adenocarcinoma
    Distal pancreatectomy, splenectomy
    Chemo port 12/30/13
    Chemo started 1/13/14
    Finished chemo 6/16/14
    8/29/14 first scan shows NED
    12/15/14 CT scan shows NED
    3/7/16 CT scan shows suspicious node and liver lesion
    3/24 lymph nodes clear. NED

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    I am sorry for your loss. Your father was fortunate to have such a loving and supporting child. I am sure that brought him a lot of joy.
    03/2014 - - 57 yo male - cholangio carcinoma cancer diagnosis based on FNA - CA 19-9 over 1000
    04/2014 - Whipple surgery - surgical pathology changes dx to stage IIa pancreatic cancer adenocarcinoma at head - T3N0M0, tumor size 5 cm, poorly differentiated, significant perineural invasion, 4mm negative margins, 14 mm contact of tumor with portal vein resected and repaired, 0/21 lymph nodes
    05/2014 germline genetic tests for BRCA mutations were negative
    10/20/2014 - Finished 18 Gemzar sessions CA 19-9 <= 10.
    High contrast CT scans every 4 to 6 months, CA19-9 < 10; 3 mm lung nodule; NED
    Incisional hernia from Whipple repaired
    High contrast CT scans every 4 to 6 months, CA19-9 < 10; lung nodule stable; NED
    2017 to April 2018
    Bi-annual high contrast CT and blood tests, CA19-9 < 10; no lung nodules; NED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom's Son View Post

    I have such empathy for you right now. My mother was in about this same situation only days ago with the ascites, edema, pain and inability to eat. She could not even get a CT scan due to her kidney function being impaired from dehydration. There was upper GI bleeding detected only a day before she passed. She never gave up but in the end her poor body just could not go on and she did not want anything to prolong it since there was no chance of any meaningful recovery.

    For her too it seemed to come on fast after her first and only FOLFIRINOX treatment. I don't know if that really accelerated anything or not because things were getting fairly advanced. She was already not able to eat enough to maintain her muscles and that can only go on so long.
    I'm sorry for your loss.
    My dad was diagnosed in May with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It spread to his liver and his lungs. My dad is 49 this year. I'm not sure of all the chemo treatment he is receiving, but it helps. His lungs are clean and the liver spread smaller, the tumor in the pancreas head is also smaller.
    He feels better and has his appetite back.
    May I ask you a question regarding your mom? Did your mom also started feeling better before the end? And did some of the metastases decrease?

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    AliDB, I think you've found an old thread.

    Mom's Son and micaela17 have not been on the forums for over two years now.
    BRCA2 3398del5
    Dec 2010 - back/abd pain
    May 2011 - Unresectable stage III, 2.5cm tumor
    Jun-Aug 2011 - Gem/Cis, 9 rounds
    Oct-Nov 2011 - Radiation+Xeloda, 25 days in 5 weeks
    Oct 2011-Sep 2012 - shrinking tumor
    Feb 2012 - National Familial Pancreatic Study
    Aug 2012 - Downgraded to stage IIA, PGP
    Sep 2012 - Whipple, T3N0M0, 0.5cm tumor, 0/16 lymph nodes
    Dec 2012 - Quebec PanCan Study
    Sep 2012-May 2018 - NED
    Mar 2013-present - NCT01088789


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