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Thread: Squamous cell carcinoma, what alternative therapy?

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    Squamous cell carcinoma, what alternative therapy?

    Hello, our doctor called us today with the results from a skin test he had done after coming in with a scab like growth on his face, she said it's intermediate Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He is scheduled for Moh's surgery within 10 days. I have been doing much research and am wondering about the most effective alternative treatments we can do in the meantime, these are the ones I have found and would really appreciate any insight as to which provide good results.

    I bought him some BEC-5 (eggplant extract) to put on the scab.

    My worry comes with the SPREAD of the disease which I read can happen in the lymphatic system and beyond. How can we prevent this?

    So far we have ordered.

    Colloidal silver
    Baking soda (aluminum free)
    Black seed

    we already have;

    himalayan pink salt
    Apple cider vinegar

    and of course will be tweaking the diet, he eats well as it is.

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated

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    Unless your husband seeks real medical treatment the cancer will spread and eventually kill him. Unfortunately cancer picks its own time and no can say how long your husband has left.

    We do not discuss alternative treatments here. You will need to find another website for that I am afraid.

    Good luck
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    1. It's my dad not my husband. 2. He is already seeking "real" medical attention, hence the Moh's surgery. You don't know our situation, for you to say it's going to spread and kill him is very negative 3. I was just looking for some advice about the foods/supplements listed, but thanks!
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