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Thread: My brother and friend Michael

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    My brother and friend Michael

    It's been nearly two years since I held his hand as he took his last breath. I was fortunate enough to read this poem to him.
    My brother My friend Michael,
    Through you I've learned the meaning of strength,
    The majesty of bravery,
    And peace through acceptance,
    This journey of yours' is nearing the end,
    And with it comes bittersweet tears,
    For I shall miss you dearly,
    But not the pain that you silently bear within,
    Nor the terror in your eyes when gasping for air,
    At your journey's end
    When your heart no longer beats,
    And your damaged lungs no longer struggle to breathe,
    It is then my warrior that your battle with cancer is won,
    And the life ending thief is gone,
    The many tears that I have shed was to mark your path,
    On this your last quest,
    I thank you for allowing me this one last trip with you and a chance to say goodbye,
    No regrets, my brother my friend Michael!
    You will always be in my heart!!
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