My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer June 02, 2014. She started Chemotherapy (folfirinox) on June 23. Shes been responding well. In addition to the chemo i have her taking about 10 apricot seeds twice a day. Milk thistle 1000mg twice a day and Turmeric 450mg once a day. She recently met up with a person who offers alterantive type treatment. He put her on cannabis oil twice a day. He recommended melatonin 100mg a day before bed. (start at 20mg and progress to 100mg in a week and then maintain 100mg dosage). He also recommended 50mg of DHEA a day. Lastly, methylene blue with catalyst 5 drops twice a day. Does anyone have any input/experience regarding methylene blue or the other suggested treatments? Im ok with the cannabis oil and DHEA. The melatonin hes recommending is a really high dosage but we will give it a try, but im a little skpetical with the methylene blue. Oh also he said to continue the milk thistle and the turmeric but to get milk thistle (thislyn) and turmeric (extract). Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks