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Thread: Steve Rosenberg talks on TIL and CAR T methods for melanoma and lymphoma, Apr2014

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    Steve Rosenberg talks on TIL and CAR T methods for melanoma and lymphoma, Apr2014

    I want to give you a link that provides you with the latest developments in the immuno therapies
    66y female, dx @43 in 1992 - DLBCL (aggressive lymphoma) CHOP x 6, rads x 20. 2007- Follicular Lymphoma (FL) grade1-2, stage 2, rads x 20. 2013 relapsed FL, grade 1-2, stage 4. R-bendamustine x 6. Finished Jan 2015. Rituxan maintenance till 2017. 11/2014 bladder cancer, surgery end of Jan 2015.

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    interesting. The thought of making cancer treatment specific to the tumor and the individual person, makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Husband diagnosed with large B cell lymphoma, Stage 4 August 2013
    - two chest tumours that were 7.5 cm when discovered, but grew to over 13 cm by the time of actual diagnosis.
    - undergoing 6 rounds R-Chop with probably RT after that
    - Dec 30, 2013 RChop completed
    - Feb 3, started 20 to 23 rounds radiation to chest area
    - Feb 7 - PET Positive scan; "islands of active cancer cells".
    - March 3rd - completed radiation
    - PET scan scheduled for May 23rd. Declared in remission but a "warm" spot (shades of gray) requires 'close follow up'.
    - August 2014, feeling fine.
    - Nov 2014 - PET clean!!
    - Aug 3, 2015 - two years post discovery. Still in remission and feeling good.
    - Next check up Aug 26, 2015. all fine but no scans. just blood work
    - next check up March 10, 2016. all clear
    - check up April 27, 2017. appears to be all clear.

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