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Thread: brain met breast cancer

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    brain met breast cancer

    I have b/c that had one metastatic lesion to brain. Resected, gamma.... know of any long term survivors in this case? Am feeling hopeless and frightened.

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    So sorry to hear that you're going through this.

    There are many long-term BC survivors, even with brain mets. If you use a search engine for BC message boards, you'll find women going through the same.

    This disease MUST be eradicated. We do need a cure, but even more, an end to it ever starting in the first place.

    We MUST start asking "where is all the money going?"

    Blessings to you.
    IDC, April 2002 (age 50) - left breast stage II, 3 positive nodes; ER+ 95% from 20 years of Premarin;
    Lumpectomy with no adjuvant treatment
    2 recurrences in same breast
    Bi-lateral mastectomy, October 2006 - no reconstruction...yet


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    Thanks... I was dx 9 mo pregnant, triple neg, 7/11 nodes, neo adjuvant, st 3b, in 6/04. Recurrence to brasin 8/06. I would love to hear from others e/brain mets...


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