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Thread: Really Scared. 17mm endometrial thickening, polyps, on a 63 yr old wmn. Need to talk!

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    My mom got her biopsy and it is negative!!! Thank you so much for listening. They still need to figure out why it is 17mm and they are going to do the d&c and hysteroscopy. I will let you know how that goes. Good luck to everyone. Thank you!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellb View Post
    My mom got her biopsy and it is negative!!! ...
    Yay!!! That is good news. I hope the D&C results are the same. But if not, endometrial cancer has very good survival stats.
    Regarding her medical plan, I remember reading that some people in Washington state successfully sued for reimbursement from that plan when they didn't get prompt care and had gone outside of the plan to get care.

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    Great news! I am so glad to hear that she does not have cancer! You must be very relieved!
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    No further treatment. Feeling great!

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    That is awesome news! I am happy for you both.

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    Iím really scared. I also have 17 mm endometrial stripe but I have vaginal bleeding. Really scared

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    @Par - It is normal to feel scared! But do remember that its not cancer until the pathology results are in. Hang in there friend! Our thoughts are with you.
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