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Thread: Palliative Chemotherapy with Taxan - no more hope?

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    Palliative Chemotherapy with Taxan - no more hope?

    Dear forum community,

    I am writing from Germany, so please exuse my poor English.
    My Fiancee has cancer. She is 26 years old and has a quite unusual course of disease.
    She got her first diagnosis in May 2014: Vulvar Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma)
    pT1bpN0(0/6sn) L0V0Pn0G2R0. Initially this seemed to be an "easy to manage"-cancer, but this was not the case:
    The tumor was successfully removed by surgery and also the sentinel lymph nodes were tested as free from any cancer cells.
    About two months later, she had her first local recurrent (again R0 Resection). As this time cancer cells in some lymph nodes were found, her doctor exhibited a radiation+chemotherapy with cysplatin.
    Just before the start of the therapy a new recurrent was detected. A third one developed during the therapy.
    The therapy is now finished and the two tumors got a bit smaller (and are maybe inactive?) but did not fully disappear.
    At the latest CT analysis we got the shocking result that 4 metastases in the lung were found. All below 5 mm.
    Her doctor exhibited a palliative chemotherapy with Taxan, as her tumor seems to be resistent against platin.
    We have the impression that this is "just" the standard way of treatment and now we are looking for alternatives or complementary therapies.
    We have already contacted some experts in the field of laser -and radio- surgery but maybe other treatments are known somewhere outside Germany.

    Does anybody have additional advices for us?
    We are so desperate and incredibly thankful for all help.
    Thank you,

    Somebody Else

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    Sorry to hear of what you and your fiancée are going through. It sucks at any age but 26 is way too young. I have no experience of course with her type of cancer but is there any way to travel to another country to try and get a second opinion? Sloan Kettering in New York is one of the best in the world and you sound like you are willing to try anything. Please, and I mean please, try to be careful with which path you choose. If there were any miracle cures out there, modern medicine,would have it. Those alternate treatments play off of your emotions, suck your bank account dry, and do not produce any results.
    Good luck,
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