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Thread: 10 is not just a number

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    10 is not just a number

    It's nearly 10 years now Mum and still it hurts. The pain creeps up on me all the time. Usually on a night shift when alone with my thoughts

    Our family cracked without you. We are split and fractured, you were the glue.

    I hate to think what cancer did to you in those last 6 months. Robbed me of my beautiful, stubborn, intelligent mum, that person died long before the last breath left your body.

    I was only 23, I'd only just worked out that you were my friend and not my enemy as I thought during my teenage years.

    I miss you

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    My dad was54 and I 24 when he died 21 years ago from lung cancer. Still hard sometimes as he was my best friend and would have been my best man at my wedding. Fortunately, I learned a couple of years before that how wise he was and how much he sacrificed for me and my brother. Just lost my aunt this April, his sister, from the same thing. She really was the glue. Every holiday there and this year really sucks. Dads pain has lessened but my aunts is very fresh and still extremely hard to handle. Hope time makes things more manageable for you.
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    Thank you Allen. 99% of the time I am fine, just occasionally something unexpected will happen that brings it all flooding back, hearing her favourite song on the radio, meeting someone with the same name. The worst time was when someone who was a friend of friend of my mum but someone I know quite well posted a random old photo on facebook from a party years and years ago, and there was my mum, a face in the background sat at another table looking at me. Was the spookiest feeling I have ever felt.


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