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Thread: Tocagen Trial update.

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    Tocagen Trial update.

    We are feeling blessed tonight! My DH had his MRI today and the residual tumor around the cavity is disappearing! He is participating in the Togen virus trial and it is going very well. Some slight side effects but it really seems to be working.
    19 May 2013--MRI, mass detected on my Husband's brain.
    20 May 2013--Surgery to remove most of the mass. Mass diagnosed as GBM. waffers placed in his wound.
    June/July 2013--radiation and Temodar started.
    20 Aug 2013---MRI baseline
    14 Oct 2013--MRI Stable
    17 Dec 2013--Several suspicious spots seen, wait and watch
    17 Feb 2014--Several suspicious spots seen, wait and watch
    21 Apr 2014---Reoccurance
    16 May 2014---Second surgery.
    16 June 2014--Started the Tocagen trial.
    8 July 2014--stroke
    29 Sept 2014---Shrinkage of tumor seen on MRI!
    11 Feb. 2014---No visible tumor seen on MRI!
    16 Dec. 2014---MRI shows shrinkage of tumor margins continuing. Separate spot seen, could be new tumor or continued stroke damage.
    1 Jan 2019---Continued Tocagen until early 2018. Diarrhea became too severe and he discontinued the trial. 2 clean MRI and then regrowth confirmed 7 Jan 2019. He will be having another surgery, injection of virus and restarting on Tocagen.

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    Wonderful to hear.

    Glioblastoma IV, frontal lobe - Dx March 2011. Treated with standard Stupp protocol
    Recurrence August 2016 (at 5 years PFS). Surgery August 2016, rechallenge with TMZ with immunotheraphy (nivolumab)

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    Great news!What are those side effects?
    Good luck!

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    Glad to hear that it is going well!

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    I ran across your post when I searched for TOCA injection near hippocampus. I see you haven't posted for over a year. I hope this is good news. Please let me know how you are doing. My husband is being considered for the TOCA randomized trial here in Toronto. His recurrent tumour is near his hippocampus and the surgeon has some concern about injections in the brain cavity in this location. Your husbands experience and his surgeons opinion would be very useful for my husbands surgeon to hear. I appreciate anything you can share with me.

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    GG, it looks like that was the last time the user posted here. You can read through all of her posts by clicking on her blue user name and then on View Forum Posts. Her husband was on the trial for some time; he did have a stroke.
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