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Thread: My Cancer Year in a Minute and a Half (give or take)

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    My Cancer Year in a Minute and a Half (give or take)

    Back in 2003, I was diagnosed with a Germ Cell Tumor and underwent chemotherapy (three rounds of a three-drug cocktail). Ten years later, in late 2013, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. I had surgery (orchiectomy), chemo (this time four rounds of a two-drug cocktail), and then major surgery (RPLND - retroperitioneal lymph node dissection). After this second surgery, I endured a serious complication (chylous ascites) for about 2 1/2 months. It was a tough time, and shortly after I was diagnosed I decided to take a picture of myself each day. Since I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary, I thought I would post the video. Even though I lived it, it was shocking to see all of the changes compressed like this:


    I offer my best wishes to anyone going through treatment or navigating recovery!

    Rocco Versaci

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    Nicely done Rocco!
    August 2004 Colonoscopy Clear
    June-July 2013 Abdominal Discomfort Upper Abdomen X-ray, UltraSound, CTScan all clear
    8.23.13 Diagnosed 5cm tumor on rectum wall: adenocarcinoma @age 66
    Aug-Sept2013 Met with Surgeon,Hematologist and Radiation oncologist
    Oct.-Nov.: Xeloda concurrent with radiation: 25 doses
    November CTScan, MRI and surgeon scoped: Tumor gone, scar tissue
    1.6.14 Surgery LAR: Rectum removed, sphincter remains: Pathology: no lymph node,
    Tumor downgraded from Possible T3 to T2
    Feb. - April Chemo:5 FU and Oxilaplatin:6 infusions over 14 weeks
    9.4.14 ColonoscopyClear,CT Clear
    Dec.14 Follow up BlWk +,CEA .9
    Mar.15Follow up BlWk +,CEA .6
    June.15 Follow up BlWk +,CEA .7
    Sept2015Followup BlWk + CEA .7 CTScanClear NED
    Sept2016Followup BlWk + CEA .7 CTScanClear NED
    Sept-Oct2017Followup All clear NED
    Sept-Oct2018CTScan+Clear Bldwk+
    Continue ColoRectal Support Group monthly


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