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Thread: Alcohol and Lymphoma Pain

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    Alcohol and Lymphoma Pain

    Is it true that drinking alcohol will cause pain in effected areas if lymphoma exists? If so, is this true for any type of illness that effects the lymph nodes. I know when I was a kid, the pickle test was given if you had the mumps. This alone dates me because there was no vaccine for mumps when I was growing up and the adults would give the kid a pickle to see if they were really sick or just had a cold. The pickle test was excruciating if you really had the mumps and you could not fake it.
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    lymphoma pain


    I never heard about the pickle test But I don't think that alcohol exacerbates pain in the lymphnodes.

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    It is true that alcohol may exacerbates pain in lymphnodes involved with non-hodgkins lymphoma. Alcohol should be avoided for patients with NHL.

    Patients should seek advice from board certified medical oncologists for advices.


    J. Jay Lu, M.D.
    Diplomate, American Board of Radiology (Radiation Oncology)

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    Hodgkin Lymphoma and use of Alcohol

    Drinking alcohol may cause pain in about 35% of Hodgkin Lymphoma cases.
    Exact mechanism is not well understood. It could be due to
    1) direct toxic effects of alcohol on affected lymph nodes
    2) swelling of the nodes
    3) role of histamine with alcohol usage as it caused no pain or little pain in those who took antihistamine before consuming alcohol*
    4) alcohol induced pain by raising the temperature of diseased nodes.

    * one should avoid ALCOHOL in Hodgkin Lymphoma. That is the best available option.
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    I can't see a reason why anyone diagnosed with any cancer and is fighting to save their body would abuse it.... but i can't see why a post started in 2005 was answered in 2008 either.

    as a Hodgkin's patient that had pain with just one glass of wine, I can say that the information on this post is incorrect. (getting your bad nodes hot really isn't going to make them hurt!)

    the alcohol test (like the pickle test) really won't work, because it is considered very rare in Hodgkin patients that they have pain (much less than 35%).

    please use proper procedure in getting diagnosed (there is a reason why doctor's don't have pickle jars or bottles of jim beam sitting around for testing patients!)

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    I've only recently been diagnosed (June 2011) and had read somewhere there were conflicting ideas about pain being caused by alcohol intake. I appreciate the fact that the post was still here and that "curativemd" gave information regarding it. I have FNHL, but for now I will assume it may affect FNHL as well as Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Thanks for the information.

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    hodgkin's lymphoma and pain

    Right before I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma I was also getting these pains whenever I were to try drinking the smallest amount of alcohol. My doctor assured me that that this happens frequently in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma.


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