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Thread: Stage 3 Liver Cancer

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    Stage 3 Liver Cancer

    June 4 l went to hospital with extreme pain on right side. Stayed in hospital for 5 days and was told l have a 13 centimeter tumor with nodules all over. Been through MRI, Ct scan and ultra sound.
    Recently told they can not take out part of my liver or it will spread. Just had second Ct scan to see of it has spread. I was told they are going to do tace but if they can't then liver transplant. My blood showed l was clear so only answer they gave me was l have the gene my grandfather had who also had liver cancer, but his spread.
    I am on morphine for pain and after my second Ct scan, in alot more pain. August 23 l fond out if the cancer has spread and when l go in to be operated. It's been a emotional nightmare, reading about survival rate. It's so unfair, but l try every day to go on. Sometimes l feel like l am losing myself

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    Hi Chris. I can only imagine what you're going through, and I'm so sorry you find yourself here. My dad broke his leg at the end of may and it turned out to be a metastasis of liver cancer that caused the break. He has started sorafenib and is doing well on it, and will have TACE soon. It truly is a roller coaster and I'm just so angry for him. He's 60. It's simply not fair. It's a very bizarre place as his daughter, so I can only imagine what he (and you) are going through as the patient. Thinking positive for you for next weeks results. Please keep us posted.



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