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Thread: weird query

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    weird query

    If a healthy person want that he should have one or other kind of cancer! Is this possible?

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    If you do, you're not healthy

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    alright...i know,the question was that is it possible to induce cancer by the will of person??

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    Are you trying to develop cancer - or ill-wishing someone else? It's not an infection like measles, but a failure of the system to prevent alteration in cell structure.

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    just trying to know if there is a way to develop it or not?

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    ok to be precise..i am not ill-wishing for someone else...but i want to develop it...

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    Why on earth anyone would WANT to develop cancer!!!!

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    well just to taste this disease...wanna know how it feels...so anyone who can let me know if its possible?

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    Frankly - don't be stupid.


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