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Thread: Testicular cancer

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    Testicular cancer

    My boyfriend is a 2 time survivor most recently he finished chemo in December. He has been cancer free since then.
    I have some questions for guys out there or wife's gfs mothers whoever can help me out. It's a touchy subject for my boyfriend and I don't like bringing it upto him all the time.

    Since the chemo he has had a very hard time with eating raw veggies...it's not that he doesn't want to eat them it's the aftermath of eating them. He complains about his stomach being upset about a day after he's eaten a salad or a plate of veggies and he's constantly on the toilet. So I feel horrible feeding him raw veggies so I've cooked them and he doesn't seem to have much of an issue with cooked veg. But he loves salads...loves eating raw veggies...has anyone else had this same problem? What did you do? What should I be doing ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry to welcome you here under these circumstances. If cooked vegetables are fine, then he may have to settle for cooked. Has he had recent blood work done? If so, how was his liver function?
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    Ughh raw veggies ! No wonder he feels sick !

    I don't know what you were thinking in giving raw veggies. Your BFs immune system took a huge hit with the chemo and then you feed him raw veggies. The risk of serious infection by eating raw veggies is ....death. Don't do it again.

    It takes a while to recover from chemo and as far as appetite goes this could take years before it gets to where it was. In the meantime don't push him and please ask him what he wants to eat. Do stop making your mind up for him and let him negotiate his own recovery on his terms.

    I wish you both good luck
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    Chemoman, thanks for making me feel worse about this situation. I didn't have any doctors telling me what to feed him. Nobody said anything about raw veggies. They said unwashed veggies would carry bacteria that could potentially harm him. So I soaked all veggies in an organic wash for at least an hour then scrubbed them before giving him anything. And when I say raw veggies I mostly mean salads so forgive me for trying to keep a healthy lifestyle like th doctors had told me to.
    At no point do i make up his mind for him...i ask every single day what he wants to eat. And if i make it and he doesnt like it i make him something else. You really did not need to make me feel horrible for asking for help...please don't comment if you're going to make me feel like a shitty girlfriend.
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    Po18guy I've been sticking to cooking all the veggies now but he keeps wanting salad and I don't say no obiously but we both know the outcome of him having a salad he's sick for 2 days or more. He's a grown man I can't tell him what to eat and what not to eat he will just do it anyways
    But he went to the drs today and they gave him some pills to take every morning that are supposed to help with the acid in his stomach. They said they think because of the chemo his stomach isn't producing the right amount of acid to break the raw salads and veggies down and that's why he's having issues so fingers crossed they help
    And the doctor also told him not to change the way he was eating and after a week to add more veggies and see what happens


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