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Thread: Armpit lymph node (includes experiment)

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    Armpit lymph node (includes experiment)

    Hi everybody! First of all, I must clarify than I'm writing from the north of Spain. As you will see, this could be relevant apart from the language issues (apologies in advance). I'm male and 25 years old.

    Last February, I detected a swollen lymph node in my right armpit. It's movable, not fixed, it doesn't hurt at all, and it has oval shape. It is 1.5-2 cm long, but <1 cm wide. As I could read, the relevant "dimension" to determine if a lymph node is swollen or not is the short axis, so I'm slightly below the 1 cm limit that is described everywhere.

    I went to my doctor, she examined me but she wasn't able to find the node. In fact, it's in a very "deep" place, and it can only be detected when the arm is in a specific position. I did a blood test, and although the white cells were a bit below the normal limits, she said that I should not be worried, and told me to visit her again after 3-4 months if the node didn't went away, or if it grew.

    I have no other symptoms: my weight is stable, I have no fever, no abnormal sweating, etc. I haven't detected any other swollen lymph node. I can feel other lymph nodes across my body (neck, groin...), but they've been there for years, and they have the size of a grain of rice. If I'm not wrong, they're called "shotty nodes", and they're relative common in people (like me) that are thin.

    However, I'm allergic to pollen, and I take antihistamines when I need it. Specifically, I take ebastine, 10 mg/day.

    The lymph node in the armpit has remained the same since February, although some days it seemed a bit smaller. Anyway, the other day I noticed that, after taking ebastine, the node ALMOST WENT AWAY. I could still "feel" it, but it was like... "deflated". And it was quite difficult to find. However, the next day, it was there again, as usually.

    I'm a "sience guy", so I tried to apply the scientific method. I read that the highest levels of ebastine in blood were achieved 1-3 hours after taking it, and that the maximum "normal" dose was 20 mg/day.

    So, a few days ago, I checked the node and it was "swollen", like usually since (at least) February. I took 20 mg of ebastine, and waited 1.5 hours. I checked the node again and I even had problems finding it. It was there, but "deflated". The next day, the node came back to its normal swollen status. After another day, I repeated the experiment, and the results were the same. I waited another day without taking antihistamines and, then, I repeated the experiment with exactly the same result.

    Of course, I've been worried since February: like almost everyone with swollen lymph nodes, I can't avoid thinking of cancer or some extrange disease. However, with the results of my experiment, what are the chances that my swollen lymph node is due to something "worrying" (not related to allergies)?

    Considering the clear correlation between taking antihistamine and the decrease in the size of the node, is it right to assume that the swelling is not malign/worrying? Of course, I'm talking about probabilities. I know that, without further medical (rigurous) tests, it's impossible to dismiss an illness. However, I just want to "sleep better", so any comment about my issue is welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If it reacts to an antihistamine it would seem that there's a correlation. Usually lymphoma nodes will respond to steroids, but I haven't read anything about antihistamines (someone jump in and correct me if I'm wrong here). I can't say for sure since of course I'm not a doctor, but Rio's primary tumour was in his armpit and it was huge! It didn't respond to the antibiotics etc that they put him on, only steroids helped to decrease the inflammation. I have no idea what to suggest here except to continue to follow up with your doc if you are concerned. I take antihistamines daily for a multitude of allergies and have noticed other great things they help with so I guess anything is possible. Best wishes to you!
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