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Thread: Finanial support from something country in treat of ills.

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    Finanial support from something country in treat of ills.

    I am a student, from Russia, 20 years old.
    Don't have money on drugs for treatment me of Ankylosing Spondylitis.
    This ill makes many problems of my life.
    Drugs of it is very expensive for me, nearly 3 500$, (remikade) I and my parents have money for only life.
    Our social and medical department of government can?t anything help me.
    I don't have any ideas how to help myself.

    Can anything sad Are in USA, or in other countries any organizations where I can ask of help? And what do they call? (What are they names).

    Thank you for all

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    Viking, since no one on here ould answer you, We have medicare and medicade here in the united states. check into these websites to check for an office close to you.



    hope this helps you out.


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