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Thread: Cancer And Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

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    Tam, my mother passed due to leukemia. I saw her drastic weight loss. She had so much chemo. I researched the foods that "beat" cancer. But here's the thing. She was never hungry. The people that replied to you are right. I was lucky if I got my mom to drink 3 ensures in a day. I remember going to Red Lobster and she ordered shrimp cocktail. She only had 2 shrimp and she was full. I was heart broken. I think you should try to motivate your dad to eat. But at least while he is in treatment, focus on getting him to eat whatever he wants. I don't think it's wrong to encourage him to eat more. Just don't try to get him to change which foods he prefers.

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    This thread is from mid 2015. Please take note of last post dates to a thread. Responding to older threads that have been dormant "bumps" them to the top so the recent, active ones are not readily seen on the top of a thread page.

    For this reason, I am closing the thread to avoid confusion.



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