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Thread: In Memory of Lynn Kemball

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    In Memory of Lynn Kemball

    Lynn Kemball is a very strong and beautiful woman who lost her battle with cancer back in 2010 after going through multiple fights. Today would have been her 59th birthday. Unfortunately I have never had the privilege of meeting her but I feel that I know so much about her and see her through her beautiful daughter Robyn every single day. She was a person who lived everyday to its fullest and never let ANYTHING get her down. She always put her loved ones before her and would stop at nothing to help out friends and family. She always had a smile on her face no matter what and always knew how to joke around and share in a good laugh even at herself. As said before, I very sadly never got the chance to meet her as I started dating the love of my life Robyn after her mom passed but I feel like I have known her all my life and can never thank her enough for helping Robyn to be the smart and beautiful woman that she is today and always will be. Thank you Mrs. Kemball for the great impact you have had on my life, Robyn's life and to eveyrone elses' lives that you have touched and made that much better just for simply being the kind hearted and very caring person that you are and were. I will always see you everyday when I look at Robyn. Happy Birthday Mrs. Kemball and thank you for everything you have done and still continue to do with your neverending impact.

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    Beautiful tribute.
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