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Thread: Is a regular dietitian appointment a worthwhile idea?

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    Is a regular dietitian appointment a worthwhile idea?

    A family member is diagnosed with stage IV NHL and is going to start chemo. The doctor has recommended that we see a nutritionist to help cope with the treatment. Apart from the cost we are wondering if it is worth the time and effort. Do any of you consult regularly and if so how often?Do you see a benefit to it?

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    We didn't but wish we had and that (like many things) was my fault for not following through. IMO if the cost isn't prohibitive, absolutely. But it is a service many hospitals now offer (if you're going there anyway) so worth asking for, or see if insurance might cover, at least partially. If not possible, DO THE RESEARCH...it's all out there for free on the internet. Just beware the alt-med nuts who will promise everything under the sun with "natural cures" or similarly irresponsible and dangerous crap.

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    The original poster has not returned to the forum in several years. I am closing this thread to avoid confusion.


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