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Thread: Unbearable Night Sweats

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    Exclamation Unbearable Night Sweats

    I am nearly one full cycle through my chemo and i have been experiencing the most intense night sweats since i came out of hospital around 1 week ago. I am literally changing clothes and pillows on the hour or half hour from the moment i go to bed until around 4am when they cease. My temperature has been fine since i have been home and paracetemol or ibroprofen makes no difference. It is bizzare as i can sleep during the day and i do not sweat at all. It is directly at night and will begin the moment i close my eyes . I do not have lymphoma but i have a rare kind of seminoma which has appeared in my chest and lymph glands. I have spoken to my chemo sister who basically insinuates there is not much i can do for them. But i am desperate for a decent sleep and i have come on this forum as a last attempt to at least find someone who has experienced the same. Any advice would be more than welcome.

    Thank you.


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    Hi Jonathan, I don't know anything about seminoma unfortunately. I did a quick google and it is a type of tumour/cancer that looks to be extremely curable, so this is good.

    I do, however, know a LOT about night sweats. The love of my life Rio had horrible ones prior to starting treatment. We would wake up drenched in his sweat. I stopped even bothering to wear pyjamas to bed because I knew I'd wake up in a few hours feeling like I was swimming in the bed. We changed the sheets in the middle of the night constantly. Chemo stopped his night sweats but it doesn't for everyone. Some people actually start getting night sweats during chemo, I think because of all the stress their body is under. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything we could do for Rio's sweats. We got a cooling pad for the mattress, and I got him a cooling pillow, but it honestly doesn't help. The only other thing I would say is to make sure your sheets are cotton - it absorbs better than other materials. We tried bamboo sheets because they're supposed to be more breathable. They were nice and soft but didn't help.

    I'm sorry, I wish I had some solutions. The good news is that your sweats shouldn't last much longer, I think - most people only have them for the first couple cycles if they are caused by the chemo and not by the disease. For the sleep, I really don't know. Rio slept fine with his because his fatigue was so severe, thanks to his cancer. Maybe you could speak to your team and see if you could get a sleep aide?
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    Inasmuch as you do not have lymphoma, I have moved your thread to the "other cancers" forum. I would place a call to your doctor's office, as they would have more experience in this area. I had the typical lymphoma night sweats, but they disappeared rapidly once in treatment. It may be a matter of patience on your part, but I would call doctor first.


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