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Thread: Adenocarcinoma -slides sent for additional levels- scared

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    May 2015
    I am still scared. I assume it is anxiety and perhaps a touch of depression I am feeling along with denial at times. At this point, I just want to see the oncologist, get the proper work up, and get this bad s$&^ out of me
    I think most of us can tick all those boxes, that's for sure
    I still feel denial creeping in a little, but coming here, reading what is going on with other people, learning things has made me a bit more comfortable in my Lymphoma skin, if that makes sense.
    At first I was all about getting the Lymphoma the hell out of my body, so I understand what you mean there, but now feel a bit more relaxed as things unfold.
    I wish you all the best and hope you get a sooner appt with the oncologist
    "Lymphoma" found on CT scan abdomen- end of March 2015.
    CT Chest-clear. CT Brain-clear PET Scan shows abdomen only!
    Biopsy of large para aortic lymph node under CT control confirmed
    Follicular NHL (one of the lucky ones, no excisional biopsy required)
    Multiple health issues complicate decisions to be made.
    Fragile Type 1 Diabetic for over 40 years
    Legally Blind and Blonde
    Slow progression towards getting healthy enough to complete staging
    and commence treatment if necessary.
    Decided to Watch and Wait, and enjoy the buzz of some long forgotten energy!

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    Everyone is different. I hated the idea of talking to a therapist during Rio's treatment, yet I started frequenting cancer forums where I could talk to people who "got" it. Weird? Probably. But it helped.

    If you need to, please don't hesitate to see your doc about the anxiety. Many people start something like Ativan for the diagnosis and some continue through treatment. Rio had horrible anticipatory nausea, so he took Ativan to take the edge off so he could go in. I don't think you can drive after you take it though....

    The waiting is the worst part. It took Rio about six months to be diagnosed but once the biopsy confirmed Hodgkin's, it seemed like everything moved faster - within two weeks he started chemo. It seems to be the opposite for most people - no real rush to start chemo - Rio was staged one day and started chemo the next. Thinking of you!
    Boyfriend Rio diagnosed NSHL 29th July 2014 (24 years old)
    Stage IVBSX (~15 cm primary tumour)
    eBEACOPP 30th July to 3rd December, 2014
    Post TX PET 12th January, 2015
    Results 20th January, 2015
    Complete metabolic response. Rio's remission has begun!

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    Hi Ll, those are natural reactions and once you come up with a treatment plan, you'll feel more in control of everything and should feel some relief. I was prescribed medicine for depression and anxiety once I was staged and they have helped a lot. They are low doses so could be a placebo effect but they help nonetheless. Biking sounds great. Staying active will give you endorphins and help relieve stress. I want to start running again when my stitches heal. Take good care.

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    FINALLY had an appt with the oncologist two weeks ago. The plan is for hysterectomy with pathology and then we shall see. Of course, I am nervous but they seem to be optimistic so I have been living off of that optimism Fingers crossed the path report is good - won't know for at least two more weeks after my surgery. Boston may have lots of doctors but they are hard to get in to see!!

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    Hi. I am so sorry you are going through this. I am here because I too am goiing through something very similar. I had a pap back in Jan 2015 at the beginning of my pregnancy but no one ever told me it came back abnormal. So 11 months later I had a colposcopy and biospy done which came back high grade changes and I have to have a LEEP done. I am terrified. I just had my 5th baby in July. I have 4 kids 6 and under and am terrified I will die and leave them with no one. It is just me and my fiance. Neither of us have any family to speak of so I can not imagine leaving them without a mother.I will be calling today to schedule my LEEP. I am a little pissed they never even told me my pap was abnormal back in Jan. Had I known I may have tried to get my immune system in better working order and could have possible fought off the HPV infection and avoided this. Either way I should have been told. I was in their office at least once a month for my prenatal care and no one ever mentioned it to me. Anyway so here I am and I am terrified. I came here looking for what to expect and find other people in my situation or who have gone through it. Just praying it is not cancerous yet. I was thinking I would rather just have a hysterectoy now and not have to worry about this in teh future. I am all done having babies and just want to emiliminate this before it gets any worse. Keep us posted and hope all goes well for you.


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