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Thread: One haploidentical transplant experience (ongoing)

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    Thank you! On the other front, this is the 7th day on the trial drug. Other than the expected fatigue, not much to report. I do not know if any stats have been gathered on time-to-response, but I will ask Wednesday, when I have another battery of blood draws. Trials are the very definition of the wait and see approach.

    EDIT: Dr. Called the prescription provider and they agreed to cover the original insulin pen. As to reimbursing us for the one we bought at retail, we will see on that. The good news is that my blood sugar has trended lower, as low as the 70s - which it had not been at for quite some time. One less worry.
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    You are an amazing fighter, on all levels! Congrats on this latest win - hope you get the reimbursement too.


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