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Thread: One haploidentical transplant experience (ongoing)

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    I wish you well and that the ongoing challenges will subside sooner rather than later, PO. Nothing else to say but that I will continue to offer prayer on your behalf.

    Good health,


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    Thank you! Despite what I may think or feel, Di takes me outside of myself and in hoping to help her, I also end up helping myself.

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    Yes, no doubt. I hope she is doing ok? Sending love and prayers to you both!
    Dx NSHL StageIIIA
    CT {groin 6.8 x 3.3 cm} abdomen nodes, enlarged spleen 2/07/16
    Bone marrow, Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy biopsies {-}
    Lung & Heart tests Good.
    Pet scan Worrisome bone marrow 3/17/16
    ABVD 6 cycles started 3/31/16
    Interm Pet {+} 5/19/16
    Stop ABVD 9/01/16
    Pet {+} 10/04/16
    Salvage GDP 10/27/16
    Misdiagnosed from Hodgkins to {ALCL ALK-} stage 4B 12/01/16
    Adcentris 12/05/16 ~ 3/07/17
    Lumbar, Tri-fusion line, G-CSF, Collection 3/17/17 ~ 3/18/17
    Auto stopped due to infections, sent home to wait 3/27/17
    Developed 12 tumors on base of skull, patho = {ALK-} CD30 4/26/17
    Restart Adcentris 5/18/17
    MUD Allo 8/23/17
    Pet scan NED 12/01/17

    “Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being alive"

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    Quote Originally Posted by po18guy View Post
    Too bad you will not be there the 30th! But, you're in luck!


    Yeah, GvHD is the new "cost of living."
    I just registered for Hawaii T cell conference!

    1/31/14 - Dx T cell lymphoma (ALCL ALK-neg CD30) 50+ nodes Stage IIIB
    4/15/2014 - 4 rounds of CHOP. PET scan clean but two new areas. 5th round of CHOP.
    5/15/2014 - New nodes in neck, fever returns, leave for City of Hope
    5/28/2014 - One round of ICE at City of Hope, admitted to hospital, high fever, nodes in lungs.
    6/15/2014 - 3 rounds of Brentuximab, prep for ALLO SCT.
    7/15/2014 - PET scan shows only one active area under port.
    8/7/2014 - ALLO SCT at City of Hope, brother 100% match
    10/7/2014 - Day 60 PET shows same node 1.5cm under port, everything else clean. Reduce immunosuppressants to get GVL effect.
    11/15/2014 - Day 100 PET shows same node is bigger, and there's a new one.
    11/18/2014 - Brentuximab again 5 rounds, return to Hawaii
    11/25/2014 - GVHD skin rash, back on steroids 30mg/day
    1/13/2014 - GVHD eyelids, back on steroids 30mg/day
    2/9/2015 - First clear PET NED
    2/9/2015 - Chronic GVHD, lips, skin, eyes - steroids 5mg/day
    9/31/2017 - Clear scan - NED

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    Great! It is going to be combined with the Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Foundation, so it could be "epic."

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    Sending good vibes tonight and some extra.
    Age 61
    diagnosed March 20 2013
    High Grade Non-Hodgkin Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma w/some Burkitt like cells involved
    PET showed spots on liver and enlarged spleen w/hot spots all over Lymp areas
    Treatment started Martch 29 2013 R-ECHOP 6 rounds (1 week on 2 wks home)
    Spinal tap w/chemo for insuarnce (clean spinal fluid)
    neulasta shot after R-ECHop treatment
    June 29 PET clean
    Sepr 12 PET clean
    Nov 11 2013 melanoma removed from back all clear margins 7 inch cut
    Nov 25 confirmed MRSA infection and cleared up with bactrim
    Dec 16 still waiting for wound to close and heal (on his lat and he works out)
    wound from melanoma healed and infection gone, great war scar now
    Cat Scan Dec19th scan was clean
    Feb 20th Ct came back NED "NO ENEMY DETECTED" WHEW!!!
    May 20th 2014 NO ENEMY DETECTED!!!!!!!!! CT clean
    Aug 12 Bloodwork came back as doing what it should be doing. Cat scan in Nov.
    Oct 08 2014 tested positive for hyperthyroid. testing this week to find out more.

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    Thank you very much!


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