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Thread: Possible Smoldering Myeloma?

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    Question Possible Smoldering Myeloma?

    Hi Everyone,
    I just had a quick question about my bloodwork results. Everything came back normal except for my IgA level, which was high. There are only a few causes of this, to my knowledge, one of which being multiple myeloma. I was tested for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis so we know I don't have either of those. I don't seem to be having any symptoms of MM, although I do have dizziness and my chest pain was determined through my cardiologist to be bone related, which could be considered a symptom. I don't know if this is worth mentioning to my doctor, only because my chances of actually having MM seem so low, because I'm a 17 year old girl. But I'm at a loss and so is my doctor; she doesn't know what to do anymore because we've checked every possible thing. Any input would be great thank you!

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    Welcome! I have moved your post to the "worried" forum, since there is no diagnosis. You've been Googling, haven't you?

    Google is a mortician, NOT a doctor.

    Elevated IgA is a sign that your immune system is producing antibodies above normal levels. Such a response indicates that your immune system is either reacting to some pathogen/allergen or, in the case of an auto-immune condition, against the body itself. At this point, doctor is likely (and logically) looking more toward allergies or possibly an autoimmune condition of some type. There are innumerable allergies and about 80 different known autoimmune conditions, with many times that which are unknown. IgA is produced in large part by the mucosa (from oral cavity and sinuses all the way through the colon), which would not necessarily involve your bones or marrow at all. The only connection in such a case would be that your immune system originates in your marrow. It could be as simple as common allergies (environment or food), a reaction to the also common heliobacter pylori in your stomach, or you could even have something like celiac disease. Please note that none of this is cancer, and that allergies are extremely common.

    MM is the presence of excess (malignant) blood plasma cells in the bone marrow. Normally, MM diagnosis involves blood and urine testing, and bone marrow is biopsied. If that has not been done, then doctor is apparently not concerned about it. At this point, neither should you be. Your immune system is still in the maturation process, allergies can suddenly appear, and some form of allergy seems much more likely to me. A food allergy, for example, might result only in the inflammation of your intestines - thus elevated IgA. Just let doctor keep working on this, and do not hand yourself a death sentence by Googling.

    Oh, and per the National Cancer Institute's SEER study, exactly 0.00% of myeloma patients are under age 20.

    So, relax!
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