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Thread: What's a good milk or food recipe for weight gain after a severe weight loss?

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    What's a good milk or food recipe for weight gain after a severe weight loss?

    Hi everybody. My father has loss about 20-25 kg last April of this year. From 60-65 kg, his weight now is only about 40 kg. What good milk or food recipe can you suggest to help him gain weight?

    Just a background on his case:
    Since 2013, many people have noticed that he loss a lot of weight. So finally last April he went to see a Pulmonologist because we suspected he has a Tuberculosis(TB) because of his cough that won't go away. After seeing the doctor, he was diagnosed with TB and given TB medication for 6 months. So he started taking the medication but after just 2 or 4 days of taking it, he suddenly felt very weak, loss his appetite and can't do the usual work that he do daily. 1 week passed until he can't bare it anymore so we admitted him to a hospital. After several tests (blood test, x-ray, ultra sound) the doctor found tumors in his liver and stomach, so he referred us to a gastroenterologist. His new doctor cannot confirm if its cancer not until they perform a biopsy on his stomach. Long story short, when the result came, they found no evidence of malignancy but instead he was diagnosed with gastritis. The doctor insists on performing another biopsy on the liver since as she explained, the cancer cells might be actually from his liver. But my father rejected her proposal. He was also given 2 months up to 1 year (max) by the doctor.

    So now, my father has really improved a lot since last April & May, he already finished his TB med last October, although he still coughs occasionaly, no pain, just occasional weakness and his stomach is kind of sensitive to some food, but our problem is that, he's having a hard time in gaining his weight. He's actually very thin now albeit he has maintained his 38-40 kg weight. He eats fish, pork & native chicken meat and several vegetables. We have tried milk such as Peptamen Whey Peptide Diet (Milk) and Ensure Milk but to no avail. Now we are trying Prosure Milk (which is actually made for cancer patients) and we have yet to see the results. But if you guys have anything to suggest that is proven or have worked for someone you know, please do tell me.

    Thank you everyone and God bless.

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    My doctor referred me to a registered dietitian for help maintaining my weight. She said the most efficient way is to eat more fats. Fat has 9 calories per gram, while protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram.

    Avocados and olive oil are two good sources of heart-healthy fats. A really easy way to add fat to almost anything is to add a splash of heavy whipping cream. However, you don't say how old he is or whether his doctor is concerned about developing heart disease. If you want to add fats without adding cholesterol that takes a little more imagination.

    I had to count calories to regain the weight I lost before my diagnosis. For a while there I seemed to be burning a lot more calories than I did before I became ill, and I had to change my eating habits a lot to make up the difference.

    I become full on very small amounts of solid food. The dietitian said liquids get cleared from the stomach much more quickly, so I do best drinking lots of nutritious, high-calorie liquids all day long and putting off solid food until late in the day, when I'll be sleeping through the time when I feel too full.
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