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Thread: Financial help

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    Financial help

    At a loss as to what direction to go hoping for some help from someone that has gone through this.
    Was diagnosed with stage 3B Melanoma two years ago and had surgery to remove. removal of lymph nodes showed tumors on one, sending me back in for surgery to remove 30 more lymph nodes under my arm. Last month I was admitted to the hospital with stomach pains, leading to surgery to remove a section of small intestine with a blockage that was diagnosed as Melanoma. Nine lymph nodes removed with 4 having tumors. I also tested positive for the B Raf gene.
    I have no insurance and cannot afford treatment without assistance. So far I am getting no where looking for assistance. I was turned down for emergency disability assistance from SS and have applied to two state programs but have heard nothing from either one in over two weeks. The websites I have checked have basically all said to look for insurance. At a loss as to what to do next. If anyone has any ideas or options that could help me start getting treatment I would greatly appreciate any information or advice. Thank You Jim

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    I went directly to the hospital's Financial Assistance program of my husband's hospital and of mine. They were very helpful and saved us thousands. My hospital, which I no longer will go to, helped us by writing off our bill but not very nice about it.
    My husband's hospital was wonderful. We each received a year of Financial Assistance. They paid whatever the insurance wouldn't. This year Inwas denied but my husband received partial assistance since he has Lymphoma. I am not mad I was denied because I realize I had already received a year of it and it's only fair others in line neded it more then me.
    Otherwise, you could talk to a hospital social worker and see what they may be able to advise you on.
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.


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