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Thread: Testicular cancer

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    Testicular cancer

    Sadly I have to write in these forums again. My brother got testicular cancer diagnosis. I would like to hear others experiences about this disease.
    Dad diagnosed MCL stage IIIB, July 2009
    Maci-chopX5, PR. Then 3 more Maxi-chop.
    Stem cells harvested January 2010
    disease proggression March 2010, RICEX2
    CT scan April, tumours shrunk, 2 more RICE.
    Disease proggression May, 2XR-FCM.
    disease proggression July, 1XR-DHAP.
    Passed away 02092010.

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    Sorry to hear of his diagnosis. I am sure that you know this, but one of the most famous sufferers is Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton. Fortunately, testicular cancer has a very good cure and survivability rate.

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    Sry. I got in when I was 19. The good thing its treatable and its not like 1985 if you get it there is good treatment and chanses are really good you will be cured. But you then its a bit of luck how you will suffer. You are most certain not that sexuall being as you were before becouse the side effect will be all from being steril too being close too normal. Its all individual. But for most simple being a man is not more possibile regariding ejakulation and then being a father a normal way. Its a hard truth and something you really should talk about. Sure you can freeze but its not the same. That bit was that one that struck me that most.


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