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Thread: Music and meditation

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    Through my husband's difficult chemo, I developed a lot of anxiety. Despite being on Meds, nothing seemed to help. Then a case manager in my insurance offered a support program. Finally, I found help in the form of beautiful music and meditation on YouTube. I started with meditation my favorite being Jason Stephenson. He had all kinds of videos but I mainly listed to his voice, so soft and soothing . He has many types of relaxation videos. His voice eventually helped me sleep.
    Then I found relaxation videos with beautiful music. I was so thankful to God. These relaxation techniques were a Godsend and sometimes I can't wait to listen to them.
    People here were so supportive but as they told me anxiety was not really addressed too much because the site is for cancer patients. I am a caregiver. I understood that. But they helped me find sites for anxiety.
    Today my husband and I had a wonderful day. I still have a bit of anxiety but the beautiful music and meditation help so muc. I love music! And I love this forum.
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.

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    I also have Ptcl of the Aitl type. It gives me great hope to know what choep has sent him into remission. I hope it goes well from here on out. I am in the second round of choep and my doctor says I will need a stem cell transplant following the Chemo. I was wondering why your husbands Doctor did not prescribe a transplant. I would appreciate your thoughts?
    Also, since this thread is regarding music therapy, I would like to say that as one who does music therapy with elders, that music can release a lot of angxiety. Music can put you in touch with your emotions. Music is healing. For everyone out there I suggest you get a really good pair of headphones one earbuds and listen to your favorite music foe at least 20 minutes a day.
    I personally like to use Pandora and have found that gentle music from yo yo ma to Yiruma to be very calming. Be well and stay strong. Kimv


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