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Thread: Kidney cancer and pain questions

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    Kidney cancer and pain questions

    Hey there, I am usually over in the melanoma forum, a mucosal melanoma patient almost 3 years out and currently NED (knock on wood). My brother-in-law was diagnosed with kidney cancer a few months back. He started on a treatment trial and recently has been having unrelenting pain that has landed him back in the hospital the past few days. The pain is so intense, it has responded somewhat to the IV narcotics but even with these medications, it is still there. The doctors are saying they don't know exactly what is causing the pain or whether there is any way to deal with it effectively. The tumors may have grown slightly but there is also a lot of inflammation, and apparently sometimes pain can be triggered by the treatments themselves? They were 1 week from completing the trial and are taking him off.

    My sister-in-law is just devastated seeing him suffer with so much pain.

    I would like to know if anyone here has any suggestions for how to deal with pain issues like this. I would also like to know about the most effective treatments/trials/specialists (in the Northern CA area especially) for kidney cancer, if anyone can shed more light on this.

    Sincere apologies for bringing up a difficult subject. It is a tough subject to deal with when it comes to advanced melanoma, too. In all honesty, on the advanced melanoma forums there is a lot of talk about cannabis oil and pain, strange as it sounds to me.

    Just wondering if anyone here might have any advice.

    Thank you so much,

    Vulvar mucosal melanoma, superficial spreading type, stage I-II, depth 1 mm with regression
    Radical right-sided hemivulvectomy, clitorectomy and bilateral sentinel lymph node biopsies, May 2013, lymph nodes clear
    PET CT, NED, July 2013
    Partial left hemivulvectomy/reconstructive surgery Oct 2013, found melanoma in situ on pathology, out to margins
    November/January - Underwent 9 vulvar biopsies to try to locate the MIS for surgical excision, unsuccessful
    May 2014 - Third vulvectomy/second left hemivulvectomy for wide local excision of MIS, MIS not identified on pathology
    PET CT, still NED, June 2015
    PET CT, NED, June 2016
    No sign of recurrence, January 2019

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    No response on the thread since early 2016. Closing thread to avoid confusion


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