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Thread: Need Information - Father diagnosed with liver cancer

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    Need Information - Father diagnosed with liver cancer

    My father is diagnosed with Liver Cancer involving both lobes. Also it is spread to both portal veins. In a recent CT of the chest a few lung nodules are also seen and also enlarged meduastinal lymph node. The doctor has put him on Sorefenib and says there is no other treatment choice left. He expects a life of 6 months.

    Till now my father is absolutely normal and doing his routine work. He has no pain, no other symptom except for slight loss of appetite. I am really scared, can anyone explain me what should i expect in future and how quickly will it happen?

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    You may consider the immunotherapy drug nivolumab clinical study. Preliminary data appear better than sorafenib. See the trial info.
    Best luck.

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    My dad's diagnosis was similar without the lung involvement. He was given 6 months which would have been in October of 2015. He is still here. He has been taking Sorefenib the entire time and has done really well on it. They only recently stopped it because he has blisters in his throat from it. We are going through some other stuff now, but I honestly believe that his positive attitude toward the disease and his willingness to live has helped immensely in his prognosis. He has traveled here to us twice flying on a plane for the first (and second) times in his life and goes fishing as much as he can. To help with weight loss since he doesn't have much of an appetite, he takes a muscle gainer shake twice a day. He put on all the wait he lost initially after diagnosis because of that shake.

    Hang in there. It doesn't get easier, but you can make it a good time in your lives full of memories, rather than a sad one.

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    I feel terrible when I see others going through this. My father lost his battle to live cancer June 2015 & we were clueless in what to expect. (he had cancer that was in his bile ducts & liver, lymph nodes & lungs) My dad was not healthy overall when he was diagnosed so we chose no treatment. He was given 6-12 months The first thing i did notice is that he napped alot. I would call him at work and catch him taking naps. My dad had dementia prior to the cancer so some of his symptoms were hard to differ - but my Dad really did pretty good until his last few weeks. Not many changes. We knew his liver was ultimately failing when his pain medicine (methadone) was building up in his system because his liver couldn't process the medication & his dementia worsened.

    Hospice is a blessing and utilize the benefit. They gave us a book that forewarned of what to expect the last days. All i can say is - it can go fast & it is so hard. but I am so thankful i was strong enough to get through the lats 10 days. 10 days was a complete 360 and i'm blessed it did go that fast to end his pain.

    Here is some hope to hold on to: My dad has one "last" lucid day and they call it that last "stride" or something. He magically woke up himself and was able to say goodbye. Hold on to those memories. I remember every moment of that day and it's what makes it okay.

    Bless your heart and pray for a miracle.


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