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Thread: Rare differential sarcoma diagnosis

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    Question Rare differential sarcoma diagnosis

    Hi All,

    I am 26 years old, writing to inquire if anyone is familiar with myxoid liposarcoma and fibrosarcoma. I recently had a tumour removed with both types of sarcomas, I am currently pending treatment. Doctors are quite shocked and figuring out how to proceed.


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    I don't have any experience at all with this and as you have a diagnosis I am moving your post to other cancers forum. I hope someone will be by who has some experience. We have a good coping and support forum too, should you feel like posting there for support. We may not all have the same cancers but our feelings are alike.

    My best wishes to you.
    Aussie, age 59
    1987 CIN 111. Cervix lasered, no further problems.

    Years of pain, bleeding, women's plumbing problems. TV ultrasound, tests, eventual hysterectomy 2007, fibroids in lining of Uterus.

    Dx Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma stage 2B bulky, aggressive Dec/09.
    6 chop14 and Neulasta.
    Clean PET April/10, 18 rads 36gy mop up. All done May 2010
    Iffy scan Nov. 2011. Scan Feb 2012 .still in remission.Still NED Nov 2012.
    Discharged Nov 2014.

    May/2012. U/sound, thyroid scan, FNB. Benign adenoma.

    Relapse Apr 2016. AITL. Some chemos then on to allo or hap transplant. Onc says long remission was good. Still very fixable. All I needed to hear. I am pumped and ready. BRING IT ON

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    If pathology was not absolutely certain (even if they were), it is prudent to ask for a second opinion on the pathology. Since this is such a rare and unusual finding, I would think that the doctors would want to be certain.

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    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, especially with something so rare. My son was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma 10 years ago, and was cured with surgery. We went to an oncologist who specialized in soft tissue tumors and she said she had seen a tumor like his only 6 times in 26 years of practice. We had his tumor typed as part of a rare cancers trial at St. Jude and his tumor was low grade. Per the study protocol he received only surveillance, even though his margins weren't clear after surgery. It never recurred and other than the surgical scar on his wrist you would never know anything had happened to him. I'd recommend finding a soft tissue cancer specialist who has at least seen these tumors before. I was so scared for my son and the doctors were at a loss initially because it was so rare. He came through it just fine, and I wish the same outcome for you.

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    I had the exact same type of tumor as a teenager. The oncologist removed all the surrounding tissues and there was no evidence of it spreading. It was in my back and it was easy for them to remove all around the tumor, which was about an inch in diameter. The margins were clear and it was determined that no further treatment was needed. What is the location and size of your tumor? Do your doctors think it has spread?


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