This is my first post. Dad was diagnosed in August 2015. He is doing chemo 3x a month. Cyramza. Was doing Taxol too but because of neuropathy on hands and feet, will discontinue Taxol. He had this week off, and it's the worst he's felt since the beginning. Very achy and nauseous. Can't keep food or liquids down. Pain killers not helping. I'm wondering if these are chemo side effects or is it because he hasn't had chemo in 2 weeks? He is going tomorrow to start cycle 2. I hope he feels better after. I'm interested in hearing your experience with cyramza?
Dad moved in with me and my family, so we can keep an eye on him.
And how and what do you eat? My dad is having trouble with keeping food down. It doesn't hurt to swallow, but he says the food doesn't stay down. And it's uncomfortable for him whenever he eats or takes his meds.