Hi everyone,
My name is Sam, I'm 26 and from Adelaide, South Australia.

My 31 year old brother was officially diagnosed with Stage IV linitis plastica yesterday and I'm feeling a bit helpless. He has a fantastic guy, has a stunning 6 year old girl but lives alone 4 nights a week (the other 3 he has my niece).

After 2 weeks of severe weight loss (8kg) and jaundice, he got pathology done which caused alarms to go off. Has had 2 endoscopic ultrasounds where biopsies were taken, MRI's and CT's. This has shown the linitis plastica, it also appears that it has spread to the lymph nodes.

The oncologist wants to attack this as hard as they can. They are doing what they called the "sandwich method" where they start chemo next week, then have surgery to remove his stomach and then chemo again.
The Dr wants my sister and I to have an endoscopy asap as he is concerned as it is hereditary.

They wouldn't give us too much of an idea of life expectancy etc, but they did say it was grim. I'm studying medicine and understand the language used but all the information is so confusing with linitis plastica. Can anyone help? I'd love to hear some personal experiences that could either give me some hope or just to set my expectations for what comes next.

I've been reading a life expectancy of anywhere from 3-20% over 5 years, and the many options people have tried. But I want to know the best things he can do away from hospital. I've read that juices, shakes and such can help so he can actually gain some weight. Is this true? He is 6'3 and under 65kg. I've also read the importance of exercise? Walking in particular.

He's only 31 and the idea of it being terminal is destroying me. The idea of my niece not having a father is even worse. I want to do anything I can do be there and help him in anyway possible.

Thank you all.