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Thread: Father diagnosed with Late Stage HCC

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    Father diagnosed with Late Stage HCC

    My father was diagnosed with late stage HCC March 4th, 2016 and passed away April 13th, 2016. My dad was a Type 2 insulin dependent diabetic. Starting in Nov of 2015 he started to get sick and lost his appetite. Dec 2015 he saw his primary and was given antibiotics. Felt a little better but got sick again in Jan 2016. Was given another round of antibiotics from his doctor. My dad got his blood work checked every 3 months to monitor is blood sugar and A1c but if you look closely at his liver functions, it was slightly elevating each time but missed by his primary. To me, those could have been red flags to get more tests done. In Feb 2016 my father started to have really bad night sweats, drenching his pillows, and losing weight. His primary noted to adjust his BP, Cholesterol, and Insulin meds. On Feb 28th my dad woke up with a bruise underneath his armpit right where the liver is located. He went to see his primary and was told he needed a chest xray and that my dad must have fallen and he didn't remember. Finally my dads Endocrinologist called regarding his blood work and said he needed to immediately be admitted in to the emergency room because his liver functions were out of whack. My dad was admitted to Med Star St. Mary's Hospital on Mar 2nd, where they ran multiple tests and did a liver biopsy. He had a 13cm tumor covering most of his liver, his billi was 31 and his AFI was over 7000. On march 4th he was diagnosed with late stage Hepatocelluar Cancer. He was given only months to live. We received consults at both Georgetown and Johns Hopkins. We started with the treatment of Nexavar for about a 2 weeks but then told to stop because his liver functions were not responding. We also sought out a another doctor at Chevy Chase Cancer Center and was able to be approved for the drug Optivo. We went through one treatment and my father passed away a week later not even making it to his second treatment. I am still in shock and still do not understand how this disease completely took my fathers life. I am still shocked how possible signs were missed with my dads blood work done every 3 months and how elevated liver functions were not cause for more tests. Has anyone been in a similar situation. I know dwelling on this will not bring my father back, but I want to bring attention to how screenings and tests can prevent late diagnoses, especially with this type of disease which isn't found until late stage.
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