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Thread: This made Al happy....a new little Chihuahua

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    Awwwww.......Is that your dog,Kim? So Adorable!I was at first a bit dismayed when Al bought Buzzy home. It was really difficult with the two cats and our other Chihuahua during chemo. But Al really wanted this dog. Happily, the two of them became very best friend from the beginning. It was a bumpy ride medically for Buzzy in the beginning. But he looks so much better now the infection has cleared up. They play all the time, sleeping the same bed,chase each other outside. It's really cute. It has distracted us a bit and that's helpful too.
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.

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    YEs that's my girl. HEr name is poppy and she's a year and a half old terrier Pekingese. She is a sweetheart. IM so glad things worked out with your dogs and cats. Fur people are the best diversion from whatever ails us!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo kim
    Oct. 27, 2015 diagnosed with angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma.
    December 2016 began choep chemotherapy-6 treatments 21 days apart.
    February 24 scan showed no evidence of disease!
    Continue choep chemotherapy treatments.
    APril 2016 returned to Stanford for high dose Cytoxan, removal of port, and insertion of Hicckman catheter.
    Neupogen injections daily to increase white blood cell counts.
    MAy 5, 2016 Apherisis.
    MAy 21, 2016 HIgh dose chemotherapy VP 16.
    MAy 24, 2016 High dose chemotherapy Cytoxan.
    MAy 26, 2016 Autologous Stem cell transplant.
    JUly 27, 2016 Scan shows no evidence of disease. Still In remission!
    October 31, 2016 Scan shows no evidence of disease...NED again!
    April 1, 2017 Still NED!

    love strong....live long❤️💜💚💛💙


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