Last week my father was diagnosed with liver cancer, from cirrhosis due to Hep C. They caught this in a routine, every 6 month, screening. But it appears the cancer is aggressive, he has multiple smallish tumors which appear to have popped up in the last six months. He is very thin and his stomach is huge due ot a blood clot (I think?) Right now he is waiting ot be approved for state funded care ( he is quite poor and can not afford the treatment) He should begin on June 1st.

Right now I feel like i am in such a waiting game. I basically don't know much more than it is cancer, and that liver cancer is not one of the super successfully cured cancers. What should I be doing in this murky unknown time? Are there questions I should be asking? things I should be prepping him for? I would love to get him into assisted housing because he live alone in a very small room, he is also blind due to macular degeneration, but I've been told that there is no way the state can help until he is on treatment.

I'm very sad and am grieving for my father but I have also been preparing for this for awhile in some ways (Hes had Hep C for a long time and has been a on an doff drug user) but I'm also feeling like Im not sur ehwta to be expecting or preparing for.

Any advice woudl help