i do not necessarily think my local NHS considers myself as a awkward patient, with the exception of only a few occasions I have nothing but praise indeed admiration and gratitude for their past and current assistance.
mind you, those few occasions have left a I assume unforgettable memories with a handful of so called specialists or consultants.

It does help I suppose that my daughter in law worked for the MDU
(Medical Defence Union) which represents all doctors, etc for many years as a lawyer.
John and I had a wonderful evening, for which I thank John for taking the time to meet.
Life is life, but more so what we make of it.
We have both agreed we shall endeavour to make every day, a day to remember and treasure.
So far we have managed this quite well.
Thanks to all and K maybe I’m going to follow in your footsteps given vascular tests tomorrow which includes my AAA which is pulsating quite noticeably since they managed to block my femorals.
We shall possibly see what developes in this regard.