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Thread: Precancerous Moles

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    Precancerous Moles


    I recently had three moles removed. Two from my arm and one from my back. Very small dark moles. Got the results from the biopsy today. One mole on the arm was fine, the other one on the other side of the arm and my back came back as "Precancerous"

    My question to anyone who may know is how does one determine a mole to be "Precancerous"??? does this mean exactly that both my moles had cancer cells in them???? does this also mean that the moles were melanomas?? My doctor didn't explain it to me well so that's why I'm here to find out. He just said that the moles will not return and to not worry....well I am worried because I don't understand the meaning of Precancerous and what this means for me in the future....I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who knows. Thanks.

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    when we talk about moles, we usually think about melanoma. but to be sure about the diagnosis, you need to ask the physician the exact term used in the pathology report.
    melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma all have "precancerous" conditions associate with them.
    anyway, knowing it is precancerous is much better than knowing it is a malignant melanoma.

    good luck,

    let us know if you have further questions.



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    Precancerous moles

    I too had a mole removed then had a punch biopsy done. I just got a call from the doctor today and it's still coming back abnormal. Now I have to go in in 2 weeks for a surgical incesion. I'm scared to death so I know how you feel! My doctor hasn't said much to me either. I go back this week to get my first set of stitches out. I'm gonna make sure she explains everything to me this time. This is a scary thing to go through. I have 3 kids to think about. Hope all goes better for you. Thanks and good luck......... Diana
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    Hi,It is a shame your physician didn't give you a better idea of what you;re abnormality is. Some moles have abnormal cells in them. They are not melanoma but over time can change. Who knows why but due to this possibility a dermatologist will want to do a wider excision to obtain clear margins of tissue around the mole, therefore removing any additional abnormal cells. Also it is diagnostic in telling the doctor how deep the abnormality may have grown. It is good that your doctor did a punch biopsy to begin with. I have had several abnormal moles removed over the years with wider excisions after the initial biopsy. No melanomas,
    My philosophy is: it is better to have it removed if there is any question. As with any cancer if that is what it is, the earlier it is caught and removed the better. Best of luck.

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    Hi. I've had 3 freckles removed and all were "precancerous". The lab test will actually say something like "moderate" or "moderate to severe" and this means (as far as I understand) how close it was to a melanoma. Mine came back severe and I've had to have more of the area removed via very minor surgery. Your doc is right in that it won't come back but you should keep an eye on your skin very carefully. Do a full check while in the shower. As long as any suspicious mole is removed you'll be just fine.

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