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Thread: Metastatic esophageal cancer with two brain tumors

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    Metastatic esophageal cancer with two brain tumors

    Hello all,

    My wife's aunt was recently diagnosed with two tumors from metastatic brain cancer. Here is the report of her scan:

    Two altered signal intensity lesions are seen in the right frontal region showing thick peripheral
    shaggy enhancement and non enhancing center. The lesions show hyperintense center and
    isointense periphery on T2W image and hypointense center and isointense periphery on T1w image.
    Associated gross perilesional edema is seen. The larger one of size approx 3.5 x 3.6 x 3.4 cm seen in
    parafalcine location anterior and inferior to right frontal horn extending into the basifrontal region
    and compressing the right frontal horn with a midline shift of approx 11 mm towards the left and
    dilatation of contralateral lateral ventricle and periventricular ooze. Subfalcine herniation is also
    seen with herniation of right brain parenchyma towards the left. Effacement of ipsilateral cerebral
    sulci and sylvian cistern is seen. Left smaller lesion is seen abutting the cerebral surface and
    measures 1.2 x 1.5 x 1.8 cm

    She is about 70 and her primary cancer was esophageal and was detected last July. She was able to beat that cancer but was feeling dizzy and having seizures since last couple of days. MRI scan revealed two tumors as stated in the report above. The doctors will be starting WBRT soon and a surgery has not been given to us as an option yet.

    Does any one know if a surgery is possible based on the reports? Any other treatment options like proton beam or gamma knife?

    She lives out of the country and we were hoping to get an opinion based on her current results from some of the clinics here in the US. If there is even a small chance of surgery, we will consider travelling.

    We will really appreciate any help or pointers on how to go about finding best clinics given our current situation.

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    Hemant, I am very sorry to hear this. Am I correct in thinking that this is metastasized esophageal cancer? If so, I can move this post to the proper forum.

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    Thank you. Yes it is metastasized esophageal cancer.


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