My father was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, Hep C and Cirrhosis in October 2015. He went through 2 TACE and 2 TARE treatments, neither worked. The cancer actually got worse and has now spread to his lymphatic system and bones.

He is very weak and can barely walk. He sleeps most of the day, sometimes falls asleep mid sentence. He is starting to have trouble controlling his bowels and urine. He is taking lactulose to help with HE, but is still confused all the time. He forgets what he was saying, doing, what day it is, and where he is at.

His oncologist has recommended 12 more radiation treatments to help relieve the pain from the cancer in his bones now, but I'm worried that it will only make him weaker. There is part of me that doesn't even feel like he will make it through all 12 treatments.

I know that every person is different, but I'm wondering if anyone else has been through this and how long you think he may have based on his symptoms.