Hi - it's with a heavy heart that I post on a cancer forum and my heart breaks and goes out to all of you who are in a similar situation. My mother was diagnosed with liver cancer and non-alcoholic (never drank) cirrhosis of the liver about 2 years ago. I wish I had all the details but my parents are 80 years old and they come from the time when you went to the doctor and do what the doctor says and don't ask questions (a trait that's ok but I am trying to get them out of that) and they don't share a lot of information with us kids. So here's what I know and if anyone can help me help them understand just what's happening, I would be very appreciative. She has had several bouts of radiation and some chemo. She had the kind where they zap her liver through her vein in the groin. Then about 5 months ago, the doctor said he couldn't do that for her anymore because her veins were not open enough. He released her and they never assigned her another oncologist. She then got the slurred speech and had an episode where she had to go to the emergency room. They ran some tests and they said she had a lot of ammonia in her urine. So they sent her home with the lucatose prescription. She didn't have an oncologist that seemed to be connected with her. She has a primary care physician and a liver specialist and since I raised cain with them, they have insisted on an oncologist. She sees him in a few weeks. So here are her symptoms: slurred speech, excessive fatigue, forgetfulness, falling asleep in the middle of a sentence, some shakeyness. Now that they have her on the lucatose, she is pretty much home bound due to the effects of that. She goes to her PCP every week and has blood taken. They report on her ammonia levels and they seem to be holding steady at or below 50. They just found something is happening with her kidneys but were unsure as to what it was and they are growing the culture now to see the outcome. The slurrying of her speech and her forgetfulness however, don't seem to be going away. She does still do stuff, goes up and down the steps to do laundry, cooks, cleans, and rides a stationery bike. My questions are these.....can she get better? Can the ammonia levels sustain at a good level for long periods of time? Is the kidney finding just another step towards the end? What else should we expect to see rare it's ugly head in our direction that we should be prepared for? Where can they go and where can I go for support? My 80 year old father is caring for her now and he's not in the best of health. I'd like to be there to help but we live 1200 miles away. I've thought of uprooting me and my family and that is still in the works but there's so much to that. Has anyone out there gone through these stages of liver cancer and can someone please help with some information? Thank you so much for listening.....just being able to jot these things down makes me feel a little better.