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Thread: 22 Years old Mass on lung (im new here)

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    That's great Aaron, I am glad you're alright. Keep on fighting.
    Oct 15 diagnosed NSCLC stage IV , Mets in lymph nodes,
    Chemo 6 months, Tumour didn't grow but lymph nodes
    New Chemo 4 months, not working, new spot 4mm in Liver
    Aug 16, start Opdivo ,immune therapy
    CT Nov 16 , Tumor shrank, Lymph nodes shrank
    CT Jan 17, Tumor all the same, Lymph nodes on Neck and under arm back to normal, in Lung and Chest a bit smaller
    Fingers crossed

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    Thanks for the update. Hope you are on your feet again soon.

    At the time - 46 yo male, non-smoker
    Sept 2012 - DX - One tumor NSCLC Squamous Cell Right Upper Lung
    Oct 2012 - TX - Treatment similar to Pancoast Tumor - Pre-operation radiation and chemo (5.5 weeks of IGRT and 3 cycles of Cisplatin and Etoposide)
    Dec 2012 - Surgery - Remove RUL, Surgical Pathology Report Adenocarcinoma T2N0M0
    Now - Wait, watch, & pray

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    Hi Aaron,

    Ditto the message from Mike.b.
    Please keep us in the loop!!


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