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Thread: Which way do we go?

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    Oh Petra,
    Too Right!!, Luv.
    Do a dance or two!


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    The doc said today, if he wouldn't know im sick he wouldn't know lol, my MRI says all good only a bit bruising left there.
    So all good, and next week we go and have a look at two houses and we will buy one of them woohoo, im excited.
    Oct 15 diagnosed NSCLC stage IV , Mets in lymph nodes,
    Chemo 6 months, Tumour didn't grow but lymph nodes
    New Chemo 4 months, not working, new spot 4mm in Liver
    Aug 16, start Opdivo ,immune therapy
    CT Nov 16 , Tumor shrank, Lymph nodes shrank
    CT Jan 17, Tumor all the same, Lymph nodes on Neck and under arm back to normal, in Lung and Chest a bit smaller
    July 17, 2x3 cm Brain Tumor found, removed in Surgery, now radiation on spot,still on Nivu
    Fingers crossed

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    So happy all is good with you. I would be excited too to begin a new beginning in a new place. Linda


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