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Thread: How long can someone live with breast cancer untreated?

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    How long can someone live with breast cancer untreated?

    My 70 year old grandmother was diagnosed with lung and breast cancer a couple of months ago. She does not want any treatment and she was given 3 months to live which she has surpassed. But, still my mom and I really worried about her condition, so we contacted one of the staff of the placidway and they already set an appointment to our doctor.

    She had upped her pain meds quite a bit since she has been in palliative care, but we have not seen a physical decline in her health. Obviously it is specific to the individual, but how long can someone live in this condition? I have never had a relative get cancer before, so I do not know what to expect.

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    Sorry to hear of this. A co-worker of about the same age, and who chose not to treat her breast cancer, lived over one year.

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    cindimorgan, cancer is so incredibly different for every person that trying to predict it's future course is all but impossible. It primarily depends upon how fast it renders major organs inoperable. It sounds like her lungs in this case. Is she on supplemental oxygen, or get winded and short of breath easily? Does she have a lot of secretions in her lungs, and if so can she clear her secretions? If indeed her lungs are the big bully in her case, you may notice difficulty breathing, maybe fluid in her lungs, inability to oxygenate her blood which in turn will not properly oxygenate her organs and thus the cascade begins. This doesn't directly answer your question, but may give you signals to notice that mark major trouble in the near future. If she does have great difficulty breathing, I know that morphine helps the work of breathing a great deal and may provide some relief for her when the going gets rough. Hang in there and cherish your time with her and make a few memories before she leaves. Best of luck to you.


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