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Thread: Stage III ILC survivor

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    Stage III ILC survivor

    I know stats are just numbers but that's all we relaly have to go by. Is there any where or does anyone know what the stats are for Stage IIIA, ILC 5.5 cm tumor with 9+/16 nodes. Er/pr+ Her2neu - . Had a double mastectomy, one MRM and one SM and I'm on Arimidex. It's been 2 1/2 years since my dx and MRM. Anyone know what the stats are for someone 2 1/2 years out that was dx high right because of the stage and because I had just turned 43? Trying to get a little bit of sanity if that's possible.
    Thanks so much

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    For Stage IIIA disease the 5-year survival is quoted at 56% (American Cancer Society) but as you know there are so many factors that can increase or reduce your life expectancy. It is more used to predict how to select treatments, for risk-benefit analysis... there is no way to tell if you are going to be on one group versus the other, that's why it's difficult to apply it to individual patients.


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    My surgeon said that he didn't like the way the ACS used the 5 year survival rate, I should say the termology. He said that what that is saying is living 5 years without a reoccurence, not that you wouldn't live longer then 5 years. Anyone else have it explained to them like that? I like my surgeon's defination

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    You're right. There are 2 important measures of outcome. DFS means disease-free survival, or the time from diagnosis until recurrence. And Survival, essentially the time from diagnosis to death.



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