As the desciption says, this is the place for you to post messages intended to inspire and encourage. I know of several threads already posted to different forums and I will try to find and move them to this forum. My guidlines in moving threads to this forum are:

1. The thread has to belong to you. I will not move threads if your inspirational message is a reply to someone else.
2. The thread needs to really have as its purpose a general theme of inspiration or encouragement. In other words, I will not move threads that are cancer-type specific or are your personal stories.

I do encourage you to post to this thread:

1. Links to other inspirational sites
2. Original songs
3. Original poetry or creative writting
4. Anything else that will uplift our spirits

If you have already posted something you would like me to move to this forum, just send me the link via PM and I will move it so that you do not have to re-enter it.