Our son, age 40, will be flying to California next week to attend a meeting where he will speak of his experience with his brain Neuropace transmitter. We wish we coud go but it would be too expensive. David has come a long way since being diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and epilepsy at age 14. It was hard for him, being so young, trying to fit in, not being able to drive when he was of age. High school was a real challenge for him as his self-esteem would plunge with each seizure. We drove him everywhere unti he was 27 and then he got the wonderful Neuropace transmitter. He was so thrilled! He fought the stigma of his epilepsy for a long time but finally matured enough to realize what a responsibility it was. And he took that responsibility seriously. I no longer felt the need to run away from home. lol I sure wish we could be the to hear his speech.
Also, the Mayo approached him about being their spokesman for how they use the transmitter. It's not used for just for seizures but for pain also. David was one of 4 who entered the clinical trial when he was in his 20's at the Mayo Clinic. So, they want to eventually make him their spokesman and plan to fly in in places to give speeches about his experience.
We are just bursting with pride!